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my name is Kim (also known as vegasdude) and I think you'll find this a great place to visit if you're looking for alternative ways and up-to-date and innovative ideas for making money with virtually almost no work by investing in Roulette. I like to think of it as the information source for professional winners in investing and Roulette gaming.

This site contains free information on beating and winning Roulette, winning in the options market, and contribute to your knowledge of making easy money from a real-world perspective.

It doesn't matter if you are rich or poor, invested or gambled before, play and invest on the web, or offline; it's easy to make enormous profits playing Roulette as an investment if you know how to do it.

The first thing you need to do is add this site to your bookmarks. This way you can repeatedly take advantage of some of the powerful techniques, tips, and strategies shown here.

One thing I should mention right off the bat is that you must reject old ways of thinking. The real key to significant wealth is your thinking process. You must be able to follow innovative and alternative ways of investing and playing Roulette. But foremost, you must think BIG.

I found out that there was no single magic solution to make me a fortune playing Roulette or investing in the stock market. But trying and researching new concepts became a process for me…I combined lot of ideas to generate a large, proven cash flow system. To do this, I had to learn to maximize the best from all techniques in investing and gambling.

There are literally hundreds of ways to invest in the market and/ or gamble in a casino. Combined, I have tried them all; the conventional, the unconventional - the ethical, the risqué - the complicated, the simple - the common and the crazy. Let's see how it all played out…

You see, gambling, and especially Roulette, is probably one of the least studied and least written about money making and investment strategy of our times.

You and I know that there have been numerous books written on different casino games and systems. But if we think about it, we find that with the exception of Blackjack, most of these authors have applied little, if at all any real scientific approach to the games. Have you ever wondered if you could play Roulette as an investment?

While researching what approaches to beating Roulette different authors are taking, I really only identified two approaches:

1. An author will discuss the rules of how to play Roulette and then dismiss the possibility of consistently winning the game because of the casino edge over the player. or,

2. An author will present a "system" how to beat Roulette, without any evidence whatsoever that it works.

Most respectable books on Roulette, such as those you can find at a bookstore, will use the first approach. That way, the author handles the subject of playing Roulette in a risk-free manner, since all those "experts" agree that Roulette cannot be beaten, and thus they flat-out reject the possibility of making a living from "investing" in Roulette.

The second approach is often used by the fly-by-night outfits, where some smart guy will sell you his "winning" system which he claims to use constantly to beat the casino. Unfortunately, these people will never present you with any evidence that their claims will really work. In fact, they do not even give any scientific reasoning, why their system should beat the game of Roulette. This approach is so worthless, yet so common, that I even found "winning systems" based on Astrology and "Positive Thinking". Why serious players/investors would spend their money on such non-scientific, unproven methods to winning Roulette is beyond me.


I have personally played the game of Roulette for many many years. I played mostly in casinos in Europe, and in the United States. My uncle has been a professional gambler all his life and I guess it came naturally to me to educate myself on beating Roulette over the years. I devoted considerable time and resources to learning statistics, computer software applications, and actual playing time in the casino to develop a consistent approach to winning at Roulette. It was not until I combined stock market analysis, mathematics, testing and revised playing before I was able to overcome the house edge. But the real breakthrough came about 9 years ago, when I teamed up with a very successful stockbroker who shared all his knowledge. After that I approached the game of Roulette for the first time as a legitimate investment opportunity.

When we first began studying and analyzing Roulette, we shared our research findings. As we went through manual testing of different approaches, we realized that the use of computers would help us in saving time and energy while devising a winning investment strategy for Roulette. Each new twist in our approach was then tested in a casino to see if it would work.

By using advanced computer software, we were able to identify the best betting patterns and money management methods. You see, we use proven and sound mathematical principals that occur in Roulette on which we base our investment strategy. Then, just like "entry" and "exit" points in the stock market, we know exactly when and how to bet.

Let me explain this approach to you. In many ways, investing in the stock market, the commodities markets, or buying and selling options is very similar to playing the game of Roulette. Both have certain probabilities to winning and losing.

In statistics, we consider the commodities market, as well as the game of Roulette to be zero-sum games. That means the amount of money you win is equal to the amount I lose. That way, the sum of all wins and losses is zero. If you bet red and you win, the house loses the exact amount equal to your wager. If you bet black and the Roulette decision is red, you lose your wager. In the end, it is a zero-sum.

The field of statistics grew tremendously during and after World War II. The United States and the United Kingdom were the dominant force in advancing this field. After the war, most of the newfound principles were applied to the business world. We find statistics in management, stock market forecasting, economic planning, and even sociology.

Zero-sum means that whenever you win, the house loses -- there cannot be two winners. Now you may asked, "But what about the house edge? Doesn't the house always win in the long-run? How can you beat Roulette consistently?"

Well, all good questions. In fact, these are the same questions my partner and I asked ourselves as well. Whenever we compare playing Roulette to investing in the stock market, we find that your brokerage fees are like the house advantage. Without paying your broker a commission, you are not allowed to play the stock market game. On that same token you are not allowed to play the Roulette game, if you are unwilling to pay the house its commission, i.e. the house edge.

You can win a zero-sum game, yet still miss coming out ahead because of theses transaction costs. Let me give you an example:


Hi Vegasdude,

I tried your roulette system on an online casino tonight and in just 2 hours time I went from $32 to $4000. I´m not kidding. I still wonder if this is for real or if I´m dreaming. Thanks man. You can use me as a testimonial if you want. I would be more than glad if you did. My name is Mathias Olsson by the way.

Mathias Olsson.

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A great way to scientifically beat the option market with contained risk and 87.5% winning trades guaranteed is by following a credit spread strategy. It is a well-known fact that stock prices tend to trade in ranges about 80% of the time. The other 20% of the time the prices will move in powerful trends.

That means that it is very common for markets to move sideways - like treading water. Overall the, prices spend little time in pronounced uptrends or downtrends. Check any annual stock chart, and you will see what I mean. If you want to make money during this time, all you need to do is to choose a market (e.g. the S&P 100 with its symbol OEX), and then put on a credit spread. This will make you good money and contain any eventual losses to a predetermined level, because the market tends to trade between +5% and -5% of its current price in 87.5% of the times.

That means, this technique will make you money 87.5% of your trades! Now you ask, "What is a credit spread, Kim?" Well, that's easier than your broker wants you to know. Let's say the OEX is at 646.16. We will go ahead and sell a call that is 5% above the current market price and a sell put that is 5% below the current market price. So we are looking to sell a call around 678.47 and sell a put around 613.85. Now, go ahead and check the closest strike prices around these numbers that are four weeks out. If it was end of June, look for options expiring end of July.

OK, so for the July 680 call we collect 7/8. Each point is worth $100, so that translated to $87.50. For the July 615 put we collect 2-7/8, which is $287.50. You just made $375 minus commission, if the OEX stays in this range until expiration. Warning! If it doesn't, your potential loss is unlimited! That's why we reinvest part of our $375. What we'll do is buy a call that is one strike price further out than the 680 call we sold. That would be the July 685 call, which let's say was priced at 3/8, or $37.50. The put we want to buy is the July 610, which is one strike price further out than the 615 we sold. That will cost us 2-1/8, or $212.50. Together, we made $375, but spent $250. That nets us $125 in profits.

Our risk is restricted to our invested $375 and our expected winning odds are 87.5%. Now, that's a conservative way of making good money. You're only problem is your broker's commission. A discount brokerage will charge you about $40 for this strategy. Her it is again, the house edge. You risk your money, they risk no money. They always come out ahead. That's why we looked at Roulette as an investment vehicle. Here, the house is risking its own money playing against you -- unlike your broker who is risking nothing.


In fact, we found a way to play Roulette as an investment that is even better than the option strategy I just showed you. Think about that for a minute. That means that nowadays, you could even be making money right out of the comfort of your own home by playing online, instead of going to a casino. In fact, I play every night on my favorite online casino which I know can be trusted 100% because I have been playing in their real life casino also. So now, you can learn:

Learn how to keep from losing your shirt and start making money!

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Kim, Thanks for that roulette system I went to the Casino last night and did exactly what you had written, I came out 1 1/2 hours later with 8 wins 0 losses and up $450 Thanks a lot and well done!

Chris Jorgensen.

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